Trustee Review Policy

Subdivision Trustee Reviews

The Building Department requests that subdivision trustees review any proposed construction project that affects the exterior appearance of a home as a matter of courtesy. The Department requests that building plans are submitted to the majority of subdivision trustees in your subdivision for their review and approval, prior to requesting a building permit from the city.

The city cannot withhold a building permit if the submittal meets all of the city's building and zoning requirements, but trustee approval has not been granted.

Reason for the Review Request

The Building Department makes this request because some subdivisions have indentures against fenced or two-story homes, while the city does not. As a result, the city is legally obligated to issue a building permit for these projects even if trustee approval is not obtained.

If a proposed project violates the subdivision indentures and the property owner nonetheless intends to proceed with the project, the subdivision trustees would need to obtain a restraining order or injunction from the St. Louis County Circuit Court to enforce the private agreement. The city is not authorized to become involved in private Disputes.

If you have any questions about subdivision trustee review, please contact the Building Division at (314) 872-2500.