Street Tree Planting

The 2018 FALL STREET TREE PLANTING PROGRAM will be available late summer / early fall. Trees are offered in small, medium and large heights as well as two caliper sizes - 1" and 2.5" to 3". Prices and deadline for submittals are to be determined and will be advertised once decided.  Please see selections below.


To participate in the program:

  • Select your tree preference(s) from the list. Trees are approximately 1" to 3" in caliper depending upon the type of tree and 10' to 12' tall. 
  • Fill out the application and pay 50 percent of the cost of the tree. The 2018 resident's share per tree has yet to be determined and will be posted as soon as it is decided. Submit the application with your check, made payable to the City of Creve Coeur, to the Public Works Department.
  • At a later date you will receive a stake provided by the city which will be used to mark where you would like the tree(s) planted. Location(s) will need to be verified by city staff to ensure compliance with planting guidelines.
  • The city's contractor will plant the tree in the public right-of-way. Trees are planted in the fall (late October/early November).
  • The program offers a variety of trees - small to large, flowering and non-flowering, heavy to filtered shade. Trees are selected based on their ability to deal with urban conditions and safe to plant in the right-of-way such as non-fruiting varieties with root systems not likely to interfere with sidewalks or streets.

Tree Planting and Maintenance Information

Spring Tree Planting Program

The Spring Tree Planting Program will no longer be offered. The decision was made based on lack of participation and the fact that fall is a much better time to plant a tree and have it survive. 

The City of Creve Coeur Public Works Department offers a tree planting program for residents and subdivisions. In a public/private partnership, the city pays 50 percent of the cost of planting trees in the public rights of way and the resident pays 50 percent.